what you can see is a false home

Im a 19 year old who looks like a little kid, currently studying illustration at degree level. I waste my life on tv, films, drawing and cosplay. all things things on this blog are my artwork, sketches, doodles, chibis, final pieces are all mine. I hope you enjoy looking at them ^^ also feel free to message me and become my friend! uwu

Sorry friends that i have not posted for a while, i have unfortunately been quite unwell and been unable to draw or even doodle anything. 

I will try and get something done for y’all today 


Sansa Stark

I’ll water colour this up at some point. no digital work for now as i’m away from my usual computer

started as a little doodle then I decided to try and fake a screen print 

Missing my cat right now but i get to see her in a week :3

NoGoodBoyo from Under Milkwood

ahhh concept art is my favourite thing to do 

Under Milkwood inspired silhouettes

actually used no line for the whole duration of this! 

this is for mothers day this sunday

Walter White


Sai paint tooling it up in here with the acrylic brush

Under Milkwood concept work

just a little sam n dean doodle… nothing special

part of an art trade with katie

hope ya like it ~~~~~~~