what you can see is a false home

20 year old illustration student desperately trying to make my way in the world with my artwork.

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my love for Silent Hill is re-igniting

so excited for Silent Hills


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check out my new products yay :3 they include tote bags, phone cases, shirts and more

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Local open air art exhibition with my artwork yay :3 

stuff i’m workin’ on

wasn’t intended as a redraw but they are the same character. phew 6 years difference. I still have so far to go D:

Ellia from Eternal Darkness

Finally done some proper fanart for this awesome game

AU where Dean pretends to be human and Sam is oblivious cause he’s just happy to have his bro back but Dean’s not too subtle.

work ~ in ~ process

y’all need to play eternal darkness just sayin’

this ones too hard, i don’t know if i want to finish. I just cant figure out the face -.- 

I’ll keep trying for now :P

why isn’t there more Peter fanart…?

I don’t care if Heroes is a dead fandom I still love it