what you can see is a false home

Im a 20 year old who looks like a little kid, currently studying illustration at degree level. I waste my life on tv, films, drawing and cosplay. This is a blog to show all you guys my artwork and illustrations. There's a lot of original work, ocs, fandom art and some craft stuff here and there too.
I hope you enjoy my blog, and maybe follow me????

Commissions are currently OPEN, - click here for commission details

30 Day Drawing Challenge

Day 3 - Why I’m afraid to go in the Ocean 

30 Day Drawing Challenge

Day 2 - favourite scene from a movie

This is my favourite scene from Noroi: The Curse.

30 Day Drawing challenge

Day 1 - Halloween 

I’m going to try my best at keeping up this challenge uwu

The Hickamanoo

designs for character for a children’s book I’m collaborating on.

BABE! ANDREW DUCOTE (aka the Peter Pan from Disney land who got like super famous on tumblr) REBLOGGED YOUR AHS ART!!! YAY RECOGNITION YOU DESERVE!

Omg I didn’t notice! That’s so cool! :3

crappy self portrait for thread on /ic/ . i dunno if i’ll ever finish this :p 

Anonymous asked:
lol I thought you've drawn Link from Zelda ;p

haha yep! it was for a friends birthday :3 

I don’t care if that American Horror Story teaser trailer was fake or not, it was still awesome.

Anonymous asked:
If you receive this it means you make someone happy! Go on anonymous and send this to 10 followers that make you happy, or some you feel need some cheering up. If you get some back, even better! ♥

oh my thanks anon! this is the first of this kind of message i have got :3 

I think most of y’all have received the giveaway now….

anyway! these were the little requested drawing that came with the giveaway i did recently. 

Yo, I’ve had commissions available for little while, but I feel like I should advertise too! I’m pretty cheap as I am just a student so that also means I need all the work I can get!

So please consider me if you are looking for a commission

I’ll do art for any fandom or any oc you may have. If there is something you want that isn’t on the list it doesn’t mean I won’t do it you just gotta ask.

So please contact me if you are interested, either here on tumblr (my askbox is always open) or you can email me here- gilliancollege@hotmail.co.uk 

also any non-digital commission work I can send the original to you free postage

also if you just wana reblog this and add extra tags that would be a great help