what you can see is a false home

Im a 20 year old who looks like a little kid, currently studying illustration at degree level. I waste my life on tv, films, drawing and cosplay. This is a blog to show all you guys my artwork and illustrations. There's a lot of original work, ocs, fandom art and some craft stuff here and there too.
I hope you enjoy my blog, and maybe follow me????

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30 Day Drawing Challenge

Day 4 Black&White

i really want a pair of those shoes from Stoker -.-

30 Day Drawing Challenge

Day 3 - Why I’m afraid to go in the Ocean 

30 Day Drawing Challenge

Day 2 - favourite scene from a movie

This is my favourite scene from Noroi: The Curse.

30 Day Drawing challenge

Day 1 - Halloween 

I’m going to try my best at keeping up this challenge uwu

The Hickamanoo

designs for character for a children’s book I’m collaborating on.

BABE! ANDREW DUCOTE (aka the Peter Pan from Disney land who got like super famous on tumblr) REBLOGGED YOUR AHS ART!!! YAY RECOGNITION YOU DESERVE!

Omg I didn’t notice! That’s so cool! :3

crappy self portrait for thread on /ic/ . i dunno if i’ll ever finish this :p 

Anonymous asked:
lol I thought you've drawn Link from Zelda ;p

haha yep! it was for a friends birthday :3 

I don’t care if that American Horror Story teaser trailer was fake or not, it was still awesome.